We are regularly contacted by clients who can’t find a landscaper willing (and able) to install Yorkstone paving and porcelain paving. Both of these products are more difficult and time-consuming to lay than conventional riven sandstone. They both require a higher degree of skill and attention to detail, in cutting and laying to get a precise, level, beautiful result.

If you are looking for a premium quality end result, please contact us and Paul will be happy to visit and discuss your project.

We contacted a number of landscapers but Paul Cox Landscaping impressed us the most – it turned out to be an excellent choice! We really wanted a contemporary porcelain patio but Paul was the first professional landscaper prepared to install it for us.

Stuart Vaux

Vitripiazza porcelain paving, Clifton Moor, 5/7/17

Professional construction methods

Paul has worked in the garden landscaping and design business for over 20 years. Patios and paths that he has built are still going strong! Constructing a solid foundation is of paramount importance and we never compromise on quality. Foundations are correctly dug-out to the correct depth and filled with ‘hardcore’ (crushed limestone) which is then mechanically compacted. Paving is then laid over a full-bed of mortar mixed at a 4:1 ratio of sand:cement. This is particularly important because slabs laid on ‘blobs’ of weak mortar are likely to fail and wobble over time. When commissioning any paving work make sure your landscaper uses the correct construction methods.

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Ethically sourced products

Where possible we use ethically sourced materials. We believe this is particularly important with the natural stones we use, especially Indian sandstone. Find out more about ethically sourced sandstone.

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